Climate Week 2019: The Climate Action Reception Hosted by Salesforce

Climate Week in NYC was September 23 - 29, 2019, and took over much of the city. Throughout the week there were many high-profile events including the UN Secretary-General's Climate Summit and Salesforce's Climate Action Reception.

The Climate Action Reception was held on the Ohana floor at the Salesforce Tower Bryant Park with breathtaking views of NYC. It was hosted by Suzanne DiBianca, Executive VP & Chief Impact Officer at Salesforce, Michael Hartman, SVP Financial Services & Healthcare/Life Sciences Salesforce, and Eric Eyken-Sluyters, SVP Retail & Consumer Goods Salesforce.

The event included poignant speeches by passionate sustainability advocates. The first was Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, who spoke about reducing employee burnout, which she felt would allow everyone to have more time to focus on sustainability. The second speaker was Alexandria Villaseñor, a teenage activist from California. She discussed how the wildfires drove her family from their home. She is also participating in the Fridays for Future movement started by fellow teenage activist, Greta Thunberg. The final speaker was Paul Polman, co-founder of Imagine. Paul spoke the unbalance of wealth and sited statistics that supported his approach for corporate responsibility.

Orion Global Solutions' CEO and Co-Founder, Yacov Wrocherinsky, assisted in organizing the Climate Action Reception. Community and philanthropy have always been part of Orion’s core DNA, and starting this year we are particularly focused on sustainability. We have adopted many mindful practices ourselves to reduce our carbon footprints. 

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