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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is an important initiative for any business looking to hire top talent and/or to attract investors.

Doing good is just as important as doing well. Although there are no official reporting standards for ESG, Orion's ESG Solutions incorporates multiple options for businesses to communicate how it plays a role in their decision-making.

Now is the time to review business plans and strategic roadmaps. Growth must include more than the bottom line. Businesses need to take action in supporting global causes while also building strong and healthy local communities.

Sustainability is at the core of all the efforts to address climate change. There is a lot of focus on the reduction of carbon emissions and the race to Net Zero, and all those steps are critical for life on this planet.

Sustainability, as defined by the UN, is "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Orion's community of Sustainability Experts includes investors, consultants, keynote speakers, and activists, all of whom enable us to deliver current and relevant business advice.

Created out of necessity, Salesforce needed a tool to analyze and report their progress in reducing carbon emissions. Once the tool was running, it was obvious that, as a world-class organization, with leadership that is highly focused on ESGs, Salesforce had to offer the product to the public.

In January 2020, Orion became one of the first Net Zero Cloud (formerly Sustainability Cloud) customers and implementation partners in the world. Since then, our experienced consultants have assisted organizations of all sizes understand the impact the have on the plant through tracking and reporting their carbon emissions.

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