2020 Is the Beginning of the End for Plastic

New environmental laws are being created and enforced globally. Affecting everyday life for people across the planet is a sure way to raise awareness about the climate crisis.

Companies need to be ready to take steps that aren't so small.

Plastic bag in the ocean

Stop Using Plastic Bags

This simple initiative in Thailand has been adopted by 43 retailers. They are no longer giving away free plastic bags to hold consumer purchases. Although this has not caught on throughout the US, New Mexico, Oregon, and New York are making strides to prevent the distribution of plastic bags at check-out.

Forget the Single-Use Plastic

Time to stop using plastic plates, cups, and water bottles especially in France. As of January 1, 2020, they have banned the use of these items, and have their sights set on plastic utensils and straws by January 1, 2021!

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