Product Innovation in Packaging Results in Dual Sustainability Advantages

Consumers who are sustainability-conscious will usually consider the packaging of any item as an important element to making the purchase. Sometimes the choices are obvious, such as tissue boxes that come wrapped in plastic and those that don't.

The Little Things Matter

Packaging materials run the gamut from boxes and bags to fillers and wrapping. Consumers can easily see boxes that are much too large for the item they hold but one important thing may be overlooked, the product's label.

Recent changes to product labels are having a large impact on the label industry and it's carbon footprint. Packaging Europe magazine recently profiled innovations from Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives that are having a huge downstream affect.

Their innovations include reducing the amount of materials used in the adhesive process. The results were less waste at the manufacturing plant and smaller labels. Less waste supports their goal of being more sustainable and the new sizes offered benefits as well.

A small product means they can ship more of them at one time, reducing their transportation carbon emissions. And there's more.

As the labels are printed from long reels, they can be cut at various lengths, adjusting to the amount of content being printed. This also reduced waste as they no longer need to create reels with different size labels. A single reel can handle whatever size is needed, and the content can be any length required to convey all information needed on the associated product.

What ways can your organization make small changes that can add up to big impacts?

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